Rules update

We have made a few changes to Rulebook, including removing archery, adding a thrown weapon ability, adding in a new call and changes to the Thief and Trader facets. We recommend everyone takes a look.

New player ticket deadline extended

We have opened up 4 extra tickets for new player, and extended the dealine to 31 May at 8pm.

Saga 4: Seeking the gods tickets live

Tickets live for game 4, buy them here.

More details on the event on our events page.

Date and Venue for Game 5

Save the date for Saga 5, as we are headed to Kiwanis Huia Camp on 3-5 April 2020. More details coming after Saga 4: Seeking the gods.


The Saga Team have decided that we will ban use of archery going forward. We made this decision with careful consideration of the feedback given by the community and our own experiences in the game. In the end the safety of all participants comes first and so we have decided that a total ban is the best answer to ensure this.
We do however think that ranged weapons add an interesting dynamic to combat, and so will be looking to introduce a larpsafe throwing weapon ability into the game. We will have more info about this closer to the game, including construction requirements for throwing weapons (such as axes, hammers, and knives).
An update of the rules document to reflect these changes is in progress, but we wanted to inform our participants before our tickets for game 4 go on sale.

Details of for Saga 4: Seeking the gods

Details of Saga 4: Seeking the gods have been released, tickets will go on sale April 12. All details on our events page.