Fundraiser event

We are running a fundraiser movie screening of Thor:Ragnarok , so we can build some of the awesome props planned for the campaign, Details on our events page.

Rules release

The Saga GM team are pleased to release the rules and character creation guide for the campaign:


Tickets for the first event will go on sale through eventbrite on Friday 3rd of November 2017 with the following numbers and prices:

50 player spots at  $140 each ($10 discount for NZLARPS member)

40 crew spots at $65 each

We realise these prices are high and are attempting to source more affordable venues for future events.


Character submissions are open, but no characters will be finally approved until your ticket has been purchased. The last date for character submissions is Friday 8th of December 2017.

Even if you don’t have a fully fleshed concept yet, we would love to hear your ideas/questions at

How gender was created

In addition to the update to the Life of Odin gender, we have also written an in character explanations for how the genders came to be, and an out of character explanation for why we have written the genders in our setting this way. You can read this new page here.

Gender: Life of Odin updated

The Gender section of the setting has been updated. 'Life of Odin' gender has been changed from using the term Angdrogynous to the term Omnispirit. Also the bonding under this gender has changed. Check out the changes here.

Mystical Creatures updated

The Mystical Creatures page has been updated to include information about Vodr, Revenants, Disir and Vaettir, check out the updates here.