Updated rules document

We have updated the rules document to include Tattoo path chants, Herbalist Potion Recipes, Runesmith Enchantment Instructions, Magical Herbs, and Magical Runes. We have also updated the Calming Influence Facet to include how it is performed. Check it out here.

Update to People of Note

Added Bran Lyansson, previous Skati of Clan Skogr, to the People of Note  page. He was previously only mentioned under the Clan Skogr page.


FAQ updated with clarification around siblings and fatherhood

Check out the questions HERE. All new questions will be added to the bottom of the page for ease of checking for updates.

Email contact and character deadline

The deadline for character sheets is Friday the 15th of December. Up until this date, GM's will try to respond to emails as soon as possible, at most within a 24 hour period.


Check out our new FAQ, you first port of call for any questions.