Game 4 date

We are please to announce the date for Game 4, 9-11 August at Camp Morley. More details to come after game 3.

Tickets on sale for Saga 3: Out in the cold

Tickets now on sale for game 3. Buy you tickets here.

There will be four weeks for returning players to purchase their tickets, before spaces will open up to new players on the 9th November. There are 40 spots total for players and 30 spots for crew.

Character sheet updates are due on 30 November 2018. If we don’t know what happened, it makes it very hard for us to provide plot for you so please make sure you do this. Here are the guidelines for that.

Also please fill out the People of Skyldingheim update form, to tell us what your character thinks of other characters. This is very helpful for planning the next game, but will also influence the People of Skyldingheim document which will be shared closer to the game.

Details of Saga 3: Out in the cold announced

Full details of next event here. Tickets go on sale Friday 12 October.

New abilities and blooded items update

All players should have recieved updates to their character sheets for any new abilities/bargains they made last game (Saga 2:Into the wild). If we have missed you, please email us at, same with any questions you might have.
This does not include Blooded items or other objects collected in the game - please note on your character sheet any items that you are currently in possession of, we have sent a few out into the game now, and we don't know where all of them have ended up.

We also wanted to post a clarification around blooded items as there was some confusion on that last game.

Blooded items:
Most magical items discovered in game will fall under the category of Blooded item. A blooded item is a semi-sentient item that can be bargained with to lend the wielder certain abilities. You must get a runesmith to use the Blooded Item Bond ritual in order to talk to the spirit within the item. Once you have struck a bargain with the item and used the ability they have granted you (and fulfilled you end of the bargain), you must hand the item to another. You cannot talk to an item twice in a row. The new wielder must have the ritual must be performed again and a new bargain struck. A GM must be present once the ritual is complete, the item cannot simply grant the same thing that it gave the previous person it spoke to.
This should be the normal process for any new blooded items you discover unless you are told differently. It is better to complete this the Blooded Item Bond rather than do a spirit quest on the item, as Spirit Quests are harder to control the results of, and you would need to complete the runesmith ritual anyway to seal the bond.

Tickets on sale for upcoming day game and date announced for weekend game

Head over to our events page for details.