Font updated

There was an error in the font that was uploaded yesterday, so here is the correct file.

New Godi Rituals and Rules update

We have two exciting updates:

Firstly here is our brand new Religious Magic guide which details all of the rituals that characters with the Godi facet can do.

We have also made some important clarifications in the rules, including an update to the healers table, and clarifying the Navigator and Hunter Facets.

Check out all of the updates on our rules page.

FAQ update

The FAQ document has been updated with some more questions, particularly around some rules clarifications for healers, potions, and tattoo path abilities. Details can be found HERE.

Updated rules document

We have updated the rules document to include Tattoo path chants, Herbalist Potion Recipes, Runesmith Enchantment Instructions, Magical Herbs, and Magical Runes. We have also updated the Calming Influence Facet to include how it is performed. Check it out here.

Update to People of Note

Added Bran Lyansson, previous Skati of Clan Skogr, to the People of Note  page. He was previously only mentioned under the Clan Skogr page.