IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Ticket release date

Originally tickets for the next game were set to go on sale this Friday, however given that Auckland will still be in level 3 lockdown, we have decided to push this date out.

Tickets for Saga 5: Weaving Through Time WILL NOW BE GOING ON SALE ON SEPTEMBER 4TH AT 7PM.

PLAYERS - your tickets will now be on sale for 2 months, closing on October 30th. We wanted to give you extra time to buy your tickets if your financial situation is up in the air in there extraordinary circumstances.
HOWEVER, we still will be writing plot during this time, so if you know that you will not be able to make the game, PLEASE LET US KNOW as soon as you can so that we can plan the plot.
If you weren't able to make the original date, but can make this one you can absolutely buy a ticket, we would love to see you!

CREW - your tickets will be on sale right up until the week before the game - there are a lot of really awesome roles in this twisty timey game we have planned, so we expect it to be a blast to crew. According to the NZLARPS calendar we are the first Auckland campaign coming back this year, so if your wanting to scratch that itch then this is your chance!

Setting update!

We have updated the setting on our website, to accurately reflect the events of the previous games, as well as the expanded knowledge about the world. We encourage all players to read through it before the next game, so that they are up to date with everything that has happened, as well as the history, since the next game will be travelling back into the past.

The pages within the setting that have changes to them are: Setting, The History of Skyldingheim, The Clans, Clan Myrr, Clan Ingjald, Clan Vidir, Clan Skogr, Clan Aldrnari, Clan Soknakarl, Death and the afterlife, Storytelling, Bearskins, Boarskins and Wolfskins, Magic, Religion, Mystical Creatures and People of Note.

Check it out here.

Game 5 details and ticket sale date announced

All detail on our events page.

GM Team updates

We would like to announce that Sophie Melchior is officially joining our GM Team. 

This won’t really change anything from your perspective as for the past two games she has been pretty much doing what a GM would do, plus playing some great NPCs, but it is more to acknowledge how much she contributes to the game - we would not be able to see this through to the end without her. Welcome aboard (again) Sophie

Addendums and erratas

A new document has been added to the rules section to include three Godi rituals, one of which had been left off a rules release and the other two have been amended (updated again on 28th July 2019).

While you're in the rules section, the rulebook now has line in the Hunter Facet description of "You may follow footprint trails or glow stick trails."

Communal Blooded items

A list of the communal blooded items (and the abilities they give) that the players have can now be found on our rules page.