Here you can download our rules and character creation guide [PDF, 1.4 MB].

Here is a quick reference guide [PDF, 140 KB] to how the facets relate to each other.

To submit a character sheet, open the character sheet template (external link) and make a copy. Once you are ready to submit it, simply share it with

For those playing characters with the Godi Facet, details of the rituals are in the Religious Magic Guide [PDF, 932 KB].

For those playing characters with the Runic Knowledge facet here is a separate guide for the magical runes [PDF, 206 KB] (also in the main ruleset). Also for ease of writing documents in Skylding runes, here is our special Saga font [ZIP, 6.6 KB] which you can download as a zip file. Runes will appear in this font when all in uppercase.

For those playing characters with the Trader or Thief facet, here is the the guide to the symbols used in skyldingheim. [PDF, 344 KB]