Here you can download our rules and character creation guide [PDF, 808 KB]. Here is a list of the most recent changes (external link) that have been made.

Here is a quick reference guide [PDF, 140 KB] to how the facets relate to each other.

To submit a character sheet, open the character sheet template (external link) and make a copy. Once you are ready to submit it, simply share it with

For those playing characters with the Godi Facet, details of the rituals are in the Religious Magic Guide [PDF, 932 KB]. An addendum to this adds in a ritual that was left out and amends two other rituals, in the Religious Magic Addendum [PDF, 146 KB].

For those playing characters with the Runic Knowledge facet here is a separate guide for the magical runes [PDF, 206 KB] (also in the main ruleset). Also for ease of writing documents in Skylding runes, here is our special Saga font [ZIP, 6.6 KB] which you can download as a zip file. Runes will appear in this font when all in uppercase.

Blooded items in the longhouse - here is a write up of the abilities that the blooded items (external link) that are currently in then players possession.