Am I still able to register for the upcoming game?

Head over to our events page and you will see deadline for tickets. As a rule of thumb crew tickets stay open until the week of game, and we have yet to sell out of these for a game. Player tickets stop selling a month out from the game.

Can I crew the first game or two and then switch to playing?

This is definitely an option, however there will be some plots that will be restricted for permanent crew only. The GMs will be assessing after each game depending on where we are in the story, there may be a point where we won't be expecting any more player characters.

How many facets can/should I take?

You should take as many as make sense for the character keeping in mind that you want reasons to talk to other characters and it is physically impossible to do everything all at the same time. Think about the aspects of the game you want to interact with, and then come up with a reason why you would have that skill.

There are some exclusive skills (where you can only take one) and some skills that have prerequisites, there is a quick reference guide HERE to see how they interact.

We would definitely recommend that you take more than 3, so that you can engage in the game in a meaningful way.

Can I add more facets during the course of the campaign?

Yes, if it makes sense. Some may be your choice, such as choosing to learn how to make potions, or taking up Godi training, and others may be imposed on you, such as becoming Vulnerable, Possessed, or attaining a Permanent Injury (though the choice of injury is yours). 

Are there specific colours for each clan?

No, we haven’t specified this in the setting, as we see Skyldingheim as a community of individuals who have personal ties to both Clan and the god they follow. We have chosen instead for each clan symbolism which you are encouraged to include in your costume (but if you can’t that’s fine too):
Myrr - three stars
Ingjald - bloody hand
Vidir - fish
Skogr  - ship
Aldrnari  - anvil

Are there specific designs for each tattoo that we need to use?

No, tattoo designs are up to the players, just make sure it includes the animal for the specific god or goddess. The animal design should include an eye which would be the Frigg's eye tattoo given at birth.

Can I change tattoo paths/which God I worship?

You cannot change your tattoo path once you have gone through the Coming of Age  ceremony. Most Skyldings worship all the Gods but tend to favour their tattoo paths patron slightly. It is rare for a Skyldling to favour another God later in life but it is not completely unheard of after a significant event.

How many bonds should I take?

This is up to you. You must list who your Mother and Guardian are and most importantly what your relationship was/is like with them. Remember that this is a small community of around 1-2 thousand people, we want to know about the characters that have impacted your character’s life (for better or worse). These can be made up of Player Characters (portrayed by fellow players) and Non Player Characters (controlled by the GMs). We would encourage you to have at least 3 NPC characters listed on your character sheet so that the we have some hooks to link into. Not all of these need to specifically bonds, but can be listed under the other questions or in your backstory.

Bonding and Godi, how does this work?

As a baby each Skylding have kinship bonds with a mother, guardian and siblings. When a Skylding becomes a godi they are seen as leaving these behind (along with any other bonds they have had with others in their life), but often remain close. The important aspect is that the responsibility of family is given up to others, and the godi dwell apart from those they were bonded to. For those who are godi and become mothers, they are kinship bonded to their children, but all of the responsibility for raising that child falls to the guardian.

Disir bonds are different, as this is seen as a connection between the disir and the community, so godi are able to maintain this, even after they have given up other bonds.

Is the coming of age ceremony dangerous? Do some die? what are the details of the ceremony?

The main thing that is known about the coming of age ceremonies is that it is different each year, and the experience differs from person to person. Some have been known to die during it, but mostly from those who state their intent on becoming a Bjornstokum, Svinfylking, or Ulfhednar. It is more common for Skyldings to not return from the adulthod coming of age ceremony.

The details of the ceremony for the purposes of your backstory are up to you provided they fit within the setting. We will let you know if any details on your character sheet are unsuitable.

What does ‘Lost in the Mist’ mean?

This is a reference to a recent phenomena that has plagued the town, as seen on the History of Skyldingheim page:

“In the last twenty years the town has been plagued by a thick mist that comes down without warning and shrouds the town. By the time it lifts some folk from the town are gone. Over the years, it has taken over a hundred members of the town, from young children to the elderly, vanished without a trace. The Godi say that it is a blight from the god, Seidr say that powerful sorcerers must have cast a great curse, but no one knows for sure. Nobody has ever returned from being taken by the Mist.”

What should I fill in the background section of the character sheet?

This is where you get to tell us the story of your character. This should include all the important moments that helped shape your character who you are, and who was involved in them. Please note that the bullet points are to make it easier for the GMs to read, it can still be written in a prose story style, with each bullet point making up a significant event/aspect of the character.

For Seidr weaving what type of cord do I need to use?

Whatever you like, can find, and feels appropriate for your character. Just make sure you follow the lengths as dictated in the rule document.

Can i wear prescription glasses?

Yes! Please prioritise safety over looking 'authentic.'

Can I bring a modern looking tent?

Yes. We appreciate that the cost of owning a tent that looks historical is unreasonably high for many people, and modern tents are welcome. If there are enough of them and the space allows it, we may ask people to place canvas tents towards the front of the camping area and modern tents further back.

Are the GMs going to set up facebook groups, or is that up to participants?

At this stage we are only moderating the one main facebook group. Players are welcome to set up their own groups for factions/clans, GMs will not be moderating or part of these groups at this stage.

Are the children of my Guardian my siblings if they do not share the same mother?

Yes they are, they are considered just as much your siblings as the children of your mother, and you would be tied by a kinship bond to them.

I can't see a place on the character sheet to put my biological father, is this a mistake?

No, in the Skyldingheim the concept of fatherhood doesn't exist. Those that want to conceive children are encouraged to seek out many lovers, and so knowing paternity is impossible, and not something that is important in the culture. The guardian entrusted with the responsibility of raising a child, which is seen as much more important.

The rune set you can by from shops/online is only 24 runes, and the saga rune set is 26, can we use the 24 runestone set for Saga?

Short answer yes you can use the standard set as your runestone set. The reason why we have two extra runes is that there were two letters in the english alphabet that are not covered/double up in the norse alphabet so we expanded those out. Please carry the key with you to be able to decipher/write runes, but in terms of magical workings that require runestones the standard set it fine. For healers, if that is all you are using the runestones for, you will only need five.

Is there a particular volume container required for potions? And how many are we likely to need, given availability of reagents etc?

Having 5-6 on hand would be good, and you can reuse bottles too. It depends on how much time you plan to spend in game making potions. It should take about 15 minutes for one batch of potions, whether that is one dose or several (see the Rules documents for details on the process), and it depends on how many traps you plan on setting for Vaettir (See Religious Magic Guide for this ritual). 

However, there won't be a standard size as long as it is understood that each bottle only contains one dose of potion.

Will the bottles actually have to contain liquid?

Yes they do. However they will not be drunk.

Sunder states you are Wounded and Incapacitated. Wounded is elsewhere defined as 1HP and Incapacitated as 0HP. Please Clarify.

Sunder means you are wounded (1 HP), and then incapacitated (0HP). This is redundant, but does mean that if hypothetically someone has an ability to react differently to a wound or to an incapacitated effect (i.e. through some means not indicated in the rules), then Sunder still affects them. 

Seidr terror affects "any enemies clustered near you (those in front of you, within sight and hearing)." Do you have to be in front of the caster to be affected? If so what if the caster can't see you? and what if you have your back to them and don't know whether you are in front of or behind them?

The Terror call affects you even if you have your back to them. If you are behind them you aren't affected. For more finicky scenarios, we trust people to go with what makes sense at the time. If in doubt, you can always go with being affected and/or then having a hornblower blow a horn to remove the effect.

For healers, what is the result of a successful prognosis?

The result of a successful prognosis is either a permanent injury or no further issues  for the patient, (however, in order to benefit from the use of medical aids, they must be on for an hour or so, and they must interfere with a joint or eyesight). 

FOR HEALERS, it looks to me like bandages are required, and extra medical aids get a flip, is that right?

Bandages are indeed required for each patient you are healing, and the use of the medical aids adds a flip, that is correct. 

FOR HEALERS, are the treatment, complication and aids applied in that order, or do the flips cancel each other out, leaving a remainder to be applied.

The prognosis results are added in that order - medical aids (applied before the decision to check prognosis), complications, and then aids (expending VP and Breath of Odin). This does mean that after a certain point further complications have no further effect... however your options of not dying at that point are quite limited, and your ability to come away scot free is a one off (i.e. both expending VP and having someone with Breath of Odin nearby). 

For healers, if the patient has been Incapacitated and struck with a Deadly Blow within the last minute, and the prognosis result is Still Alive and Treat to Survive, do we then treat again?

Yes, if you are incapacitated and struck with a Deadly Blow within the last minute, you need two prognoses - one to survive at all, and the other to then work out any lasting consequences (which may indicate your inevitable death anyway). 

For healers, with a successful prognosis do you heal the patient to full HP including armour and enchanted armour?

Yes you are correct, as long its within the day it was enchanted.

I can't find in the rules anything about limitations on uses of the Tattoo Path abilities. Are they can only use once per a day or unlimited or cost VP? Also do they have a duration on how long they last once activated?

Their use is limited by a Godi ritual to activate them (Worship Offering), which is limited to once per day. Most of the abilities last until the effect ends, whether this is due to someone undoing it (e.g. Remove Curse, or Unwither), or choosing to end the effect (e.g. ending the conversation, ceasing being incorporeal), or the effect of the call ends (e.g. Entice after 5 steps – though the curse stays until it is removed). 

During spirit web, do we wander off and come back and check later?

Yes, this is exactly how spirit web works. It is a magical trap, and much like mundane traps, watching them tends to render them ineffectual.

Cleansing: What is the point of being ritually clean?
Is this ritual not relevant to Ve and not doable by Ve godi?

The cleansing ritual is for body of Vili (masculine) characters, having no effect (beyond the social and sensory experience) for others (Ve, Omni).

In Remove curse, the target has a candle in two cupped hands and are then given a flower to hold. Is this right?

Yes, you hold both in both hands - you can let go of the candle with one hand to take the flower if that helps.

With Summon entity, do I have to chant for the entire hour plus?

You chant until something appears or you give up.

With Hold Entity, is that five skyldings including the godi, or five plus the godi?

Five in addition to the Godi running the ritual.

With Worship Offering, Does the person's rune for the day have significance?

The person's rune for the day holds whatever significance they find in it - the Godi can help give this meaning to the person, if they wish. Think of it like a horoscope or astrology reading.

With the Burial Rite for Skyldings What runestone is used?

The Godi may choose what runestone to place. Some may mark the person's initial, or a rune that has some particular meaning for the person.

Is sex with siblings who share your same guardian but not mother considered incest? What about sex with your mother's lover who she had sex with during the time of your conception?

Incest between siblings would definitely be forbidden, both through mother and guardian. However as in our society it may happen, and if this is the theme that you want to explore that is acceptable.

In terms of fatherhood, its not a concept that exists, so having sex with your 'father' (Mother's lover) could be the thing that happens, its not really worried about though.

Gender pronouns: What pronouns are used for whom? How can we tell what pronoun characters should be referred to by?

Short answer is that characters are allowed to use whatever pronouns they wish to, and you won't know their pronoun until you meet them and ask. Their last name should be a clue, generally -dotter would be "she", -son would be "he", and -astir would be "they".