Saga Larp NZ is a Live action roleplaying campaign game, and is a project of NZLARPS (external link) .

General Expectations:

All game-related queries and critiques are to be directed to our official email address: We will endeavour to get back to you within a fortnight. Please do not post questions to GM’s on facebook or diatribe threads. Please do not send questions to GM’s on their private emails or messenger services. Please do not ask GM’s questions at social gatherings.

The campaign is expected to run for 3 years, including six biannual weekend games. There may be day/evening games run in addition to this. Any social events outside of these will not be considered canon, and we would discourage people from running these so the calendar is free for other larps to run.

There will be limited player and crew spots. Player spots for the first game will be sold via an online ticketing agent on a first-come-first-serve basis. Subsequent games will give priority to people with player characters that have played a game before.

All participants will be expected to stay after any Saga event to help with cleaning and clearing the venue. Weekend games will have a hard finish at lunchtime on Sundays, followed by cleanup, so please budget for cleanup times when organising transport after the event.

Attendance at Saga events is a privilege, not a right, and the GM's reserve the right to ban or restrict access to Saga events for any reason provided we do not violate the Human Rights Act 1993.

Physical and Safety Expectations:

The game will be live-combat using foam weapons. All weapons will need to pass a safety check on the day. No wood or metal may be used in the construction of any edge that could be used to strike. Foam injection weapons are more likely to be banned. Melee weapons cannot be used to stab, with the exception of spears. All spears must be two-handed, must have a collapsable tip, and may be used to stab with. Arrows must have a professionally secured foam tip larger than an eye-socket. Bows must have a poundage no higher than 30 pounds. The combat system will be a tag system (light contact), not full-force. Head blows are not allowed.

There will be a mechanic around romantic intimacy, and any in-character actions should use this mechanic, and nothing else. Other in-character physical contact should be avoided unless you have talked and agreed upon terms OOC. However, there will be no grappling or physical martial arts allowed even if both parties agree.

We ask that while on site, out-of-character intimacy is kept to a minimum to limit the chance of non-consensual exhibitionism (accidental or otherwise).

Sexual intimacy is a part of our game world and our gameplay, represented through an abstract mechanic. This is intended as a social tool to facilitate in-character relationships. You may opt in or out of this part of the game as you feel comfortable. Prostitution (sex in exchange for resources or status) does not make sense within the Skylding culture, and the GM’s will not run any plots that involve prostitution from other cultures. Sexual violence (including rape) does not exist in our world in any manner, including backstories or tales.

Saga larp will be following the NZLARPS code of conduct. We will be implementing 4 calls to enforce this code:
- “Caution” call - anyone can use this call for OOC physical hazards, and to indicate that the IC situation could make you uncomfortable but you wish to keep roleplaying.
- “Time Out” call - anyone can use this call to indicate something that requires the scene to pause or end.
- “Black” card - GM only to indicate a breach of our code of conduct, failure to adhere to GM instruction, or a call of Caution or Time Out.

We expect all participants to maintain behaviour becoming of our Code of Conduct outside of game time. This includes being respectful in the manner in which online discussions about Saga are held, and respectful in communicating with GM’s (both in terms of frequency and in terms of content).

Several parts of the game, including access to some parts of our game venues, require a degree of physical ability. We will ensure that there are less physically demanding areas of the game for people with either an in-character or out-of-character difficulty with physical ability. Please email us if you have any queries, suggestions, or requests.

Story Expectations:

The world is inspired by elements of Norse culture and mythology but not beholden to them. The story is centred around a group of Norse called Skyldings, from the town of Skyldingheim, who will journey beyond their lands into the unknown.

Saga will be a player character centred story about the changing fate of the Skyldings. The actions that player characters take will have a direct impact on the story and world. There will be consequences to actions, and rising and falling of fates. Permanent injury and permanent death will be a feature of this game. Please note there may be deaths in the first game, but these will depend highly on characters actions.

This is a player vs environment game, it is expected that the player characters are on the same side. Personal rivalries are okay, but these should never be to the level where you want to kill each other. If there are antagonistic stories you would like to include in your character we would encourage these to be had with non-player characters in your backstory. It is expected that while different clans may have different objectives and a rivalry with each other, that they ultimately work alongside each other for the good of Skyldings overall.

The world does not conform to modern day patriarchy, nor is that part of the story we are telling. We are inspired by the mythology not misogyny. That being said the society we have built is not perfect and does have flaws which you can explore.

There are many books and resources out there, fictional and non fictional, that explore Norse culture. This is a setting inspired by the parts that we love about Norse culture, merged with cultural concepts we have developed ourselves. Our intention is to create a rich world in which we can tell a collective story which is not historically accurate, but rather coolthentic. We would encourage our players to read other sources for inspiration if they wish to, but to keep in mind that it will need to fit the culture that we have written here.

We would encourage a spread of different character concepts, as well as different clans and tattoo paths. We would like to encourage players to create characters who make bold choices, as it is the societal norm to strive to have your stories told by Skalds.

All player characters will need to have a reason for going on a viking. We would encourage you to engage in one or more of these areas: combat, religion (channeling the power of the gods), magic (channeling the power of the ancestors and sprites), storytelling, healing, politics, crafting, exploration, theft, and trade.

We also would encourage players to make connections with other player characters as well as link your character to the named non-player characters in the setting. The GMs will also do some linking between player characters through non-player characters.

There are two major groups that plot will be aimed at: clans and tattoo paths. Other groups of players will be targeted as well (another reason we would encourage players to form connections). There will be some personal directed plot which the GM team will endeavour to spread evenly amongst player characters.

There will be no downtime or significant actions between games. The in-character timeframe between games will vary.

There is no experience point system. Most in-character facets can be taken upon character creation. There is no limit to the number of facets that can be taken, but some character traits, including facets, will preclude taking others. If desired, extra facets may be taken between games in a way that makes sense for the characters story.