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SAGA 3: Out in the cold

1 - 3 February 2019
Motu Moana Scout Camp

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The Skyldings fared well in the land of the Vanir, home to the four Stags of the seasons. They freed Durathror the Spring Stag, from eternity in a misty prison, and Duneyrr the Winter Stag from the icy elixir that the Jotunnbound were using to poison her mind. The winner of The Wild Hunt, Narla Hallastir, now serves as the Stags’ champion.

But all was not so well when the elves and elfsworn who serve Triandel, councillor of the Ljosalfar, graced the forests with their army. There was but one demand upon their lips, that the baby Peska Svaatalisbarn be handed over in the name of peace. Rumour of some affliction or doomed fate hovers over this child, that they are destined to bring a great change that much is certain. The army was thwarted, and the babe returned to her mother’s arms, but questions of what fate this child will bring to the Skyldings are abound round the Longhouse fires.

With the blessing of the four Stags, the Skyldings have set forth in Elivigar once again, this time to Jotunnheim, land of the ice giants and home to those who serve them. They quest to strike a fatal blow against their enemy for all they have wrought upon the clan of Skyldingheim, and for the great evil they have brought to the nine worlds. Many that were lost are rumoured to be prisoners, slaves or worse to these blue marked foes, amongst them Erik Eliasson, once Jarl of the Skyldings, and Garryn Balliasson, once Claw of the Ulfhednar.

Also amongst their foes dwells the ancient enemy, the Wylfings, who have forsaken the gods and joined those bound to the Jotnar. Amongst them, they gained the power to break the years of peace and strike the fated blow upon Skyldingheim that began this tale of woe, and their bloodshed is demanded as payment for that crime. The fate of those left behind still lies in mystery, as the residents of Elivigar quest forward through the Mists for glory and honour, and one day to find a pathway home.

Saga 3: Out in the Cold is the Third installment of Saga LARP, held at Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland. There will be four weeks for returning players to purchase their tickets, before spaces will open up to new players on the 9th November. There are 40 spots total for players and 30 spots for crew.

Player (full price): $150
Player (NZLARPS Member): $140
Crew (Full weekend): $65
Crew (Saturday only): $35

Illness: If you are unable to attend due to illness, your game fee will be put forward to a future event.
Other Reasons: If you withdraw from the game after 1st January 2019 (one month before the game), we will process your refund request after we have run the event and seen what our finances come out at. We will refund a portion of your fees at our discretion.
Transferal: Player tickets are transferable conditional on Game Master approval. Crew tickets are transferable but the Game Masters must be informed so we have an accurate record of who is attending.
Participation Refusal: If the Saga GM team decides to refuse your participation (see below), your ticket costs will be refunded in full.

This game we are allowing some moderate consumption of alcohol at the event allowed under the following conditions:
Alcohol is only consumed inside Longhouse playing area, and only in the evening.
No involvement in combat is allowed after consuming alcohol for safety reasons
Please be responsible for tidying up after yourself, and not over consuming so that you are available for plot the next day.
This is the first time a Saga event has allowed this, so please don’t ruin it for future events by being irresponsible.

Saga is a hobby event run by a Game Master team that is volunteering their time. We strive to be inclusive, however, we want to stress that no one has an automatic right to attend our events. The Saga GM team reserves the right to refuse your participation in this event for any reason including but not limited to:
Behaviour at other events (including online) that contravenes the NZLARPS Code of Conduct, and/or causes other Saga participants unease, discomfort, or alarm.
Behaviour at other events (including online) that lead the GM team to believe that participant will not behave in line with Saga community and artistic values, including negative game play style, bullying or trolling, unsafe combat or role playing practices, or any other behaviour we deem detrimental to the project.
Lack of communication with the GM team
If the GM team and participant cannot reach a compromise on creative differences
Annoying the GM team so much that we don't want to spend any more time on you (we're volunteers, after all)
Bringing the game or larp community into disrepute

SAGA 4: ???

9 - 11 August 2019
Camp Morely

More details to come after game 3.