A viking is a journey for the purposes of raiding or trading. Skyldings are great explorers, travelling further east than some Norse would dare to go. While they are known and sometimes feared in the places they go, they also at times establish peaceful trade routes, learn local languages and bond with foreigners.

Skyldings often bring back people from the countries they have raided as slaves. Slaves are treated as indentured who serve their master for five years then they are alliance bonded into society and considered a Skylding (their former clan is considered to be just them, so the bond is one way). Children born to slave mothers are raised as Skyldings, and the mother chooses a Skylding to be a guardian for the child. No player can play a slave or former slave, but could have a connection with a slave non-player character. 

Please note: Sexual assault is not part of the setting in any way, whether in backstory or as action within the larp. This is not a part of how our Skyldings viking.