Clan Myrr were the original Skyldings, descendants of the humans who followed Myrra Skyldasdotter, and fought against the Wylfings for the right to call the Harbour of Hringr home.

The Myrr have a reputation for having their eyes in the stars and being dreamers. Some say that they should have their feet planted more firmly on the ground and while others say that all the best visionaries come from Myrr, depending on who you're talking to. The Myrr Longhouse is decorated with mementos collected from all the places that clanspeople have travelled to over the generations.

Four years ago when the Skyldings fled in Elivagar, the clan was led by Skati Solveig Karisdotter, a famous explorer and Skald whom even other Skald’s write epics about. She came from a long line of expert navigators and explorers and was said to have ‘strange tides in her blood’ and spent most of her adult life exploring before her guardian died and she took on his mantle. Every now and then she disappeared on a voyage and her daughter Olga took care of much of the leadership within the clan.

In the journey between Midgard and Alfheim, her vordr was killed by a curse from a Wylfing Godi, and she contracted a disease known as Vathlauss sorrow which was deadly without a great magic (which the Skyldings did not have within their power at the time). Solveig perished with her clan and loved ones around her, and her daughter Vinsenja took her place as Skati of the clan. Solveig’s death was later avenged on Jotunnheim by the bloodeagling of Thrain, the godi who had cast the curse.

The other clanmate who has made his name famous, or infamous, of late is the beautiful Gunarr Sanasson. A notorious heartbreaker he is said to weave enchantments over his lovers that leave them forever pining after him. Some call him ruthless and heartless, while others say his heart was stolen long ago when he was a lover scorned and he has vowed to find her and take his revenge. Whether there is truth in that, it is known as a powerful Seidr who has taken many lovers and who has bound many a magical being to do his bidding.
It is now known that Gunnar is the vessel of a spirit Danyr who is seeking his true love, Tara. Both spirits are now within the bodies of Skyldings, Tara is within Ulfric Angbodasson, current Skati of Clan Vidir.

The Clan symbol is three stars.