There is a tale from the time of the ancestors which talks of the great sea serpent Hafgufr plaguing the town. Each summer she would come and demand a payment of three children to be sacrificed to her or she would swallow every fishing vessel whole and cause a great wave to engulf the town. The town saw her might and so bent to her demand. The children’s names were all written onto a stone and placed in a large bowl. The Jarl decreed that whomever was drawn would be sacrificed, no exceptions.

Fearing the loss of their son should he be drawn, Embla Akasdotter and Vidir Akasson worked in secret to enchant a great net to capture Hafgufr, and a spear to slay the beast. The net took three years to enchant, but was not quite finished when the third draw was made. To their horror, their son Fangr was drawn, doomed to be sacrificed to the insatiable beast. The night before the sacrifice was to be made, Embla and Vidir snuck to the docks with the nearly completed net and the spear, stole a boat, and set the great net across the harbour. When dawn came, and the beast neared the harbour, Vidir drew up the net, capturing Hafgugr in the habour. Embla sailed out and fought with Hafgufr, and Vidir released the sprites in the net to harry the beast. Embla eventually slew the thrashing beast, but in its death-throws the net gave out, and Vidir was torn from the cliff, his body dashed against the rocks below.

In honour of the great deed the Jarl ordered that a longhouse be built where Embla and her son would live and from them grew Clan Vidir.

Four years ago, Bjarke Ionasson ruled as Skati of Clan Vidir. When his mother died, as well as his older brother, he retired from the Ulfhednar to take her place. The story goes that he fought a great Lindwyrm, which swallowed him whole and there he would have stayed had not his bloodsworn sister Ylva Sigrunsdotter slain the worm, splitting its belly and setting her friend free. She also retired from the Ulfhednar to support her blood brother in his ascent to power. Many saw her as the power behind the Skati.

In the fires of Muspelheim she was revealed to be bound to Surtr, the king of the fire giants, and branded a traitor, having also spread some of her power amongst the skyldings. In the aftermath of her death, Bjarke challenged Jarl Niklas to one-on-one combat, and when he was refused, he left Elivagar and the Skyldings.

Through a spirit quest is was later revealled that Ylva was responsible for the deaths of the old Skati Iona and her eldest son who would have taken her place. Her grandson, Ulfric, took up his rightful place as Skati of the clan, but he is also known to be bound to Surtr. It is rumoured that the only thing tempering that is a spirit he has inside him, which is a concern to some of the community.

Ida Astridsdotter has been named his heir. She is known for her keen mind, but follows in her gods path as a trickster, so whether she is trustworthy remains to be seen.
The Clan Symbol is a fish.