On Alfheim there were a number of Skylding, and other humans who had been lost in the mist, and ended up their. They were led by a folk hero known as Elrik the green, who was originally named Haf Halleveigsastir, born to Clan Aldrnari in Skyldingheim.

When Elrik found themselves on Alfheim, they were captured by the elf Navarre who did experiments on them before they were able to escape. This began a lifelong hatred of the elves and everything they stood for. So Elrik gave themselves a new name, and gathered others who believed in their freedom from the elves. They called themselves the Soknakarl.

Elrik was eventually captured, and was to be executed for their crimes, and as a symbol to their people. The Skyldings of Elivagar, who had recently landed on Alfheim, rescued Elrik - who was reunited with friend they thought they would never see again. But they would not abandon their people, and so they made an alliance bond with Jarl Niklas Tainasson to create a Clan Soknakarl. The Runesmith Tallak Signesson joined the new clan as part of the alliance bond.

The clan is known to be good scouts, and gather informants whenever Elivagar lands. Elrik is a stalwart supporter of Niklas, and bloodthirsty when it comes to the elves.

The symbol for the clan is a broken chain.