The Skogr were a community of humans that lived on the outskirts of Niflheim by the river Elivagar, fishing in ice and hunting seals and bears. One day an adventurous skylding Gyr Nidasson paddled upstream further than any had ventured before and came to the village. He returned home with stories of a peaceful, hardy people who live in a harsh environment. He established a trade route with these people, and went to live with the Skogr as part of an alliance bond.

His counterpart, Elya Frigasdotter who came to live in skyldingheim was a great hunter who inspired many of the more eager adventurers by her stories of the magical creatures that dwell in her homeland. Elya was one of the first who carried the blood of the Varg to dwell in Skyldingheim. She found an order of elite hunters and scouts that grew into the Ulfhednar.
After many years of alliance, there came a mass exodus where the whole tribe of Skogr showed up on the shores of the Skyldings. They spoke of the mists decending and carrying away their people never to be seen again. Their Godi and Seidr had tried in vain to hold this terror at bay but were ineffectual. So they had dismantled their longhouse to build a great ship that could carry them all safely to their allies shore. With them they brought a wealth of pelts, and rich metals which they had mined from the mountains of Niflheim. Valka was the one who navigated their longship for them.

Skati Brunhild Myssasdotter leads Clan Skogr. A powerful, scarred warrior, she is still in the prime of her fighting life, and many feel that she is young to take up the reigns Skati. Her mother died in childbirth and her Guardian Bran Lyansson, the previous Skati, died on a battlefield, bleeding out in his daughter’s arms. Brunhild has no children and and no siblings.

She named her bloodbrother Kastr Fyrrasson as her heir, and this choice has thrown up much controversy because of the bloodline that Kastr carries. It is said that his family was cursed by a powerful Seidr many generations ago to have ill luck follow them until they make right the great wrong they had done her. No one outside of the family knows what this was, but many a ghost story has been told to Skogr children by clever Skalds by the longhouse fire. It is now known that he carries the blood of Inga, one of the first Skyldings who made a pact with Hel for the lives of the Skyldings. Kastr was left behind in Skyldingheim, so the Ulfhednar Narla Hallasastor has been named Brunhild’s heir.

Ola Lovisasson has come into notoreity of late for his astute bargaining skills and growing wealth. Said to be a man of many faces, other traders talk of being swindled out of their own goods by just one conversation with Ola. He set up trade deals that supply the Jarl with fine goods and spices from the east. Ola was close in Jarl Torrun’s favour and many aspiring merchants seek to gain an apprenticeship with Ola. He birthed one son, Gothar Olasson, who is said to have the tides of many seas in him, and has followed in his mother’s path, being an able navigator and trader. Gothar had also caught the eye of the Jarl of late, and became one of her lovers, but they were not able to be union bonded before she died. Both Ola and Gothar were left behind in Skyldingheim.

The clan symbol is a ship.