Clan Ingjald is said to have made its name on the corpses of its enemies. Some say that Thor’s madness runs deep in their blood, that one of their ancestors was cursed with rage unquenched. In reality they pride themselves on being practical and strong in both body and mind and fiercely loyal.

Asger Brennasson, it is told, fought a giant to retrieve his bonded daughter Inga Gerdasdotter, spilling much of his blood before the giant was overcome. Inga had been taken by the fearsome firegiant on the eve of her initiation as Jarl. Upon returning home they found her place taken by her jealous sister, Erika Gerdasdotter (having made a pact with the king of the fire giants, Surtr himself). Asger flew into a rage and fought Erika and four of her Bjornstokum, leaving his blood spilt across Elivagar. However, when he slew Erika, Inga cursed him for this, disowning him as Guardian. She fought one-on-one with Asger, and took his life with a fell blow. Inga’s descendants formed Clan Ingjald.

Four years ago the Skati of Ingjald was Haskell Nannasson. He was different from his forebears in that he is not a great warrior but a great peacemaker and philosopher. When he was a young man on his first Viking, he was gravely wounded. As he lay dying, he talked of a being who entered his vision and promised him life. It is know known that the being was a sprite who served the four stags of vanaheim. In return he swore a blood oath to never raise a weapon again. For this he was healed. The being told him they would return for him one day. He called this day his spiritual awakening, and ever since he was raised to the position of Skati he has been speaking of making peace with the ancient rivals, the Wylfings. This has caused much tension between his supporters and critics.

In the last stand of Skyldingheim, Haskell was taken by the mist. He was discovered on Vanaheim, but his mind and memories had been taken, and so he was a mumbling shell of who he once was. He was used as a vessel by Durathror, the Spring stag, to carry a message to the Skyldings, which helped them rescue, and restore the stag to their rightful place. In the journey between Jotunnheim and Asgard, Haskell was taken by the mist again.

On Alfheim, Niklas Tainasson, who was before a humble Svinfylking, took Haskell’s place as Skati. But within hours he was then elected to Jarl, so his daughter Idunn Solveigsdotter took his place leading the clan.

The popular ditty, sung by the Ingjald longhouse fire by the cheeky young Skald Eysta Gyrsdotter, is about her friend Helga Snorasdotter who is building the greatest ship that the Skyldings have ever seen. While the song is in jest, Helga is known for her visionary techniques in boatbuilding, and was chosen to build the finest longship for Jarl Torunn. The ship was burned by the Wylfings, but Helga went on to create an even greater, if much smaller, boat - which was named Mystrider. Mystrider was enchanted to be linked to Elivagar and be able to travel between worlds.

The Clan Symbol is a bloody hand.