Aldyra Bjornasdotter, originally of Clan Vidir, was a celebrated runesmith and quickly had the Skalds singing her praise for the powerful, ingenious weapons she crafted. They said she must have the blood of a dwarf to craft such masterpieces. She was want to selling her wares for a hefty price or favour, rather than giving freely to the clan as was customary, and the Skati Kyrrn Lonasson soon became fed up with her resistance to his desires. He coveted a magical sword, one that he knew only she could make. The more he offered her in return the more she refused, so he tricked her into an Alliance Bond with the Skogr Skati’s youngest son Forsyr Inanasson.

She moved to live with her new clan, and as part of the bond conditions she set to making Kyrrn a great and magical sword, like no other that had been made before. When it was finished he came to collect, but she refused to give up the greatest treasure she had ever made. When he forced the issue, she beheaded him in one great stroke of the sword and thus broke the alliance. She was tossed out of the clan, becoming clanless, but many of the Skogr and Vidir, and others who felt rejected by their clan, rallied with her, and the Jarl (keen to be in the graces of Aldyra herself) granted them a home as a new clan Aldrnari.

Because of this checkered past Clan Aldrnari has suffered a bad reputation over the years, as murderers and cheats, but the truth is they pride themselves on knowing what they want and not taking second best. When Torunn Sivsdotter, now known as Tallulah, returned from her travels and took the seat of Skati, she changed this perception with her charm, astute bargaining and eventual ascent to the Jarl's seat.

After Torunn won the vote at the Thing and filled the empty seat of Jarl, Hillevi Torunnsdotter took her place as Skati of Aldrnari. She inherited her mother’s charm and charisma, but unlike her mother, Hillevi is a powerful Seidr. She has always been a supporter of her mother and has helped Clan Aldrnari rise to the highest standing amongst the Skyldings. She is young and handsome and many men vie to be taken as one of her lovers. One of her lovers is Svinfylking Bjanc Karlasson, whom she appointed as her advisory Boarskin, choosing to dismiss the previous one who had served her mother for many years. Bjanc is young and ambitious, and Hillevi’s rivals thought he lacked the wisdom that time provides.

It is now known that Hillievi was in truth the child of Tallulah and Surtr, born many years ago in the time of the Vanir. This all was revealed on alfheim, and the real Hillievi came forward. The Skati was given a new name, Elsker, and she chose Hillievi as her heir. But in an effort to concieve through the means of her mothers people, Elsker transformed into a cocoon, and Hillievi took her place as Skati. Hillievi’s time as Skati was fractious and fraught, without the full support of the clan. It came to a head on Asgard, and Hillievi stepped down from the position, and the Seidr Baelog Elsasson took her place.

Another of Elsker’s lovers that has risen to notoriety is Anr Tygrassson who is a talented healer and herbalist in the clan. He has set up a training school for those who wish to learn the science of healing, and his methods for rehabilitating warriors who have been severely wounded on vikings are quickly becoming popular. He has shared this secret with a number of healers on the viking, and the results are plain to see that they are indeed gifted with superior skill.

The Clan symbol is an Anvil.