At the kinship ceremony, the Guardian’s blood is used to tattoo Frigg’s Eye onto the child, so that she may watch over them. Frigg provides the Skyldings with advanced healing and immunity to most illnesses.

At their sixteenth year’s coming of age ceremony a child must chose which path of the god or goddess they will follow and receive a tattoo of an animal built upon the Eye of Frigg which imbues them with enhanced abilities blessed by that deity. The six paths are:

The Way of Odin - Knowledge and wisdom - Symbolised by a Raven
The Prides of Freyja - Cunning and charisma - Symbolised by a Cat
The Fists of Thor - Strength and protection - Symbolised by a Bear
The Followers of Eir - Nurturing and Death - Symbolised by a Reindeer
The Drifts of Loki - Intuition and Subtlety - Symbolised by a Wolf
The Scourges of Hel - Secrecy and logic - Symbolised by a Serpent

On their twenty-fifth year coming of age this tattoo is enclosed in a circle to symbolise their passage into adulthood.

Over the course of a lifetime many Skyldings add to their tattoo, or gain new ones, to mark bondings, great battles, deaths of close ones, spiritual awakenings, or any other significant changes that shape who they are. Any embellishments are by personal choice in consultation with their Godi.

Please note: It is recommended that your tattoo be featured prominently so that you may be identified as a follower of that path. We suggest the arm or chest as good place to have it so that it will last the length of a weekend. While tattoos are a significant part of the culture, we recognise not all are comfortable with paint on their skin. If you do not wish to represent you tattoo through body paint, it is requested you feature the animal motif prominently in your costume so that you can be easily identified as a member of that path.