Religion is practiced both personally and clan wide. Every Skylding child is taught to respect their ancestors in everyday activities, while clan wide ceremonies call the blessing of the gods and goddesses to preside over births, deaths, bondings, and disputes.

Skyldings follow the the Norse Pantheon, with 7 deities being particularly prominent within the worship: Frigg, (external link) Odin, (external link) Freyja, (external link) Thor, (external link) Eir, (external link) Loki, (external link) and Hel. (external link) Bragi (external link) and it has recently been found that he is not a god, but a famous bard who is living in Valhalla.

Connection with the gods and goddesses is the domain of the Godi and connection with the ancestors power is the domain of the Seidr, while the stories and legends of both is the domain of the Skalds within Skylding society

Please note: All real world (out of character) knowledge of these gods can be considered canon, if there are stories that contradict each other that is because different stories are told by different Skalds about the Norse deities. The links above are a good start when researching the gods.

Godi are the shamans, those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the divine, forsaking all other bonds. Most Godi chose this path when they undergo the coming of age ceremonies at sixteen or twentyfive, but it is not unheard of for older Skyldings to feel the call of the gods after living a ‘worldly’ life. Once they chose this path they are inducted as an acolyte to an older Godi for one year. That Godi’s role is to show them what life is like serving the gods and to test their faith. If their feet remain on the path once the year is up they take up the mysteries through an ancient and secret Stjarna (Ritual of the Stars).

The Godi’s role within society is to act as a personal spiritual advisor to members as well as preside over ceremonies, bless harvests and vikings, and act as the link to the divine for the tribe. They are the ones who are given the sacred rituals and ink to tattoo people into their spiritual path. Godi are expected to embody aspects of their chosen god or goddess, for example you will often see Prides of Freyja Godi’s fighting on the field of battle or Drifts of Loki Godi playing games by the fire.

The Godis live apart from the clans on the main hill where the Jarl resides.

The Godis live apart from the clans on the main hill where the Jarl resides.
The Godi of the Skyldings residing in Elivagar are: Elvr Astridastir, Godi of Odin; Yngvild Vigidisdotter, Godi of Hel; Sigthrudor Baradotter, Godi of Thor; Eydis Gullsdottir, Godi of Loki; Letta Signisdotter, Godi of Freyja.

There are two acolytes: Firnen Astrithastir, chosen of Frigg, and Valrun Jordisdotter, blessed by Bragi.

Erik “Blizzard” Elsasson, Godi of Frejya, went missing after the last stand on Asgard, Eyja Fjorleifsastir, Godi of Eir, has since been lost in the mist.