Here is a list of all PCs and NPCs (external link)  those that are traveling the nine realms in Elivagar.

This includes PCs and NPCs and who they are being played by. If there are NPCs who your character has connections to but they aren't on this list, it means that they are in Skyldingheim or elsewhere.

See below for information about NPCs within the setting.

Present and recent past

An up to date people of note will be released closer to the game in the People of Skyldingheim document.


Jorgi Hannasson (Deceased 9 generations ago) - Skald - The old survivor who witnessed the brave stand of The Vaskyr Svinfylking, all stories of which are based on his account.
Forsyr Inanasson (Deceased 10 generations ago) - Son of the Skati - Son of Skati for Clan Skogr, and was alliance bonded with Clan Vidir with Aldyra Bjornasdotter, soon after which the alliance was broken by the infamous crafter, and Clan Aldrnari was founded.
Aldyra Bjornasdotter (Deceased 10 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Aldrnari - A celebrated Runesmith who slew Skati Kyrrn Lonasson rather than hand over her masterpiece, and was granted her own clan by the Jarl. Now resides her afterlife on Helgafjell.
Kyrrn Lonasson (Deceased 11 generations ago) - Once Skati of Clan Vidir - Was covetous of Aldyra Bjornasdotter’s crafts, and was slain for his greed.
Elya Frigasdotter (Deceased around 12 generations ago) - Founder of the Ulfhednar - Was exchanged in an alliance bond with the Skogr, she was a great hunter or magical creatures. Known to be a Vargblooded. Now resides her afterlife on Helgafjell.
Gyr Nidasson (Deceased around 12 generations ago) - Discoverer of the Skogr - Famous explorer, who travelled up Elivigar to discover the Skogr, and eventually joined them in an alliance bond.
Fangr Emblasson (Deceased around 14 generations ago) - Son of the founder of Clan Vidir, was one of the children to be sacrificed to the great serpent Hafgufur before his parents trapped and slew the monster. His revenant was woken by Freyja and Freyr when they disturbed his tumuli in Skyldingheim. When they repayed the debt to his descendants he returned to the afterlife.
Embla Akasdotter (Deceased around 15 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Vidir - Trapped and slew great seas serpent Hafgufur, to save son Fangr from being sacrificed. Was granted own clan in return for actions. Now resides her afterlife on Helgafjell.
Vidir Akasson (Deceased around 17 generations ago) - Guardian of Clan Vidir - Was slain while trapping from great sea serpent Hafgufur, to prevent son Fangr Emblasson being sacrificed.
Inga Gerdasdotter (Deceased around 18 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Ingjald - Once the Jarl of the Skyldings, she returned to find her sister Erika having usurped her. After a bloody struggle, where she had to slay her Guardian Asger Brennasson. Now resides her afterlife on Helgafjell.
Asger Brennasson (Deceased around 20 generations ago) - Guardian to Clan Ingjald - Guardian to the founder of Clan Ingjald, Inga Gerdasdotter, he famously slew a giant to rescue his daughter, and then was killed by that same daughter for slaying her sister.
Erika Gerdasdotter (Deceased around 20 Generations ago) - Jarl - Usurper of the seat from sister Inga, killed by Inga’s Guardian Asger Brennasson. Known now to be a surtrbound. Resides her afterlife with her sister on Helgafjell.
Myrra Skyldasdotter (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - Founder of Skyldingheim - Said to be of the seed of Bragi, she was a talented Godi who had prophetic dreams which lead her to the harbour of Hringr. Resides her afterlife on Helgafjell, with her mother.

Inga (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - A godi to the goddess Hel and close friend of Myrra. She sacrificed herself to her goddess to bring all the skyldings back to life.
Brandr “The Bear” (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - Founder of the Bearskins - Myrra’s close friend, and the first Bjornstokum.
Arnvi “The winter wolf” (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - Heir to the Wylfings, Wylf’s daughter and Myrra’s sister. She was the one who lead the Wylfings to lose their home and was banished from the Harbour of Hringr.
Skylda "Of the runes" Svaatalisdotter (Deceased over 25 generations ago) - Mother to Myrra Skyldasdotter - a child of prophecy from the future, she is the child of Elivagar Skyldings, but was the mother to their founder. Time is woven in a great circle.

Wylf “The White Wolf” Arnvisson (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - The founder of the Wylfings - Also from the present but founder in the past.