Here is a list of all PCs and NPCs (external link)  those that are traveling the nine realms in Elivagar.

This includes PCs and NPCs and who they are being played by. If there are NPCs who your character has connections to but they aren't on this list, it means that they are in Skyldingheim or elsewhere.

See below for information about NPCs within the setting.

Present and recent past

Jarl's Household

Torunn Sivsdotter - (Age: 53) - Current Jarl of Skyldingheim - first of Clan Aldrnari to ever sit in the Jarl’s seat, she is a charismatic and inspiring leader, despite a mysterious chapter as a youngling.
Valka - (Unknown) - the huskarl for the Jarl’s household.
Erik Eliasson - (Deceased 2 years ago at age 56) - Previous Jarl before Torunn - Born into Clan Skogr, he was a popular Jarl due to his lucrative and glorious vikings to the East, before disappearing in the mist 2 years ago.
Dagmar Eydisdotter (Deceased 4 years ago at age 37) - Bjornstokum - Famous for giving her life to save the Jarl when on a raid, lost in the Mist 4 years ago. Once of Clan Myrr.

Clan Myrr

Solvieg Karisdotter (Age: 49) - Skati of Clan Myrr - Famous explorer and Skald, she spends much of her time travelling.
Olga Solveigsdotter (Age: 30) - Heir to Clan Myrr - Daughter and Heir to Solveig Karisdotter, much of the business of leading the clan is left to her.
Gunnar Sunasson (Age: 27) - Notorious heartbreaker - Of Clan Myrr, known to be a powerful Seidr. He is the lover of many and is rumoured to weave powerful enchantments over his lovers.
Garryn Balliasson (Age: 61) - The Claw of the Ulfhednar - Leader of the Wolfskins, he is a famous hunter. Has not returned from the last expedition he went on with his son Ragnar Jarasson in over a year.

Clan Ingjald

Haskell Nannasson (Age 59) - Skati of Clan Ingjald - A great peacemaker and philosopher, a stance which has made him less popular in recent years.
Varri Ionasson (Age: 76) - Alliance bonded to Skyldings - Prince of the Wylfings, he was alliance bonded to the Skyldings to end the conflict with his people 50 years ago. He joined Clan Ingjald.
Helga Snorasdotter (Age: 18) - Said to be the greatest builder of ships, despite her young age. Has provided Jarl Torunn with a brand new ship for this Autumn viking.
Eysta Gyrsdotter  (Age:18) - Skald - She is known for her cheek, and for her outlandish tales of the talent of her friend Helga Snorasdotter.

Clan Vidir

Bjarke Ionasson (Age: 35) - Skati of clan Vidir - Once of the Ulfhednar, he retired to take up the position of Skati.
Ylva Sigrunsdotter (Age: 35) - warrior - Once of the Ulfhednar, she retired to support her blood brother Skati Bjarke Ioansson, and is a strong voice by his side. She is said to have saved his life from a lindwyrm.
Destina Magnhilasdotter (Age: 53) - The Drengr of the Svinfylking - Leader of the Boarskins, she is a seasoned veteran who has recently fallen out of favour of with Jarl Torunn.
Vyra Fredisdotter (Age: 55) - Skald - Famous for telling the story of her union-partner Idunn Karasdotter slaying an ogre in the wilds of the North.

Clan Skogr

Brunhild Myssasdotter (Age: 25) - Skati of Clan Skogr - A powerful scarred warrior, once of the Svinfylking, still in her fighting prime.
Kastr Fyrrasson (Age:22) - Heir to Clan Skogr - Bloodsworn and named heir to Skati Brunhild Myssadotter, he is said to be of a cursed bloodline.
Ola Lovisasson (Age 45) - Notorious trader - Favoured by Jarl Torunn, called a man of many faces.
Gothar Olasson (Age: 20) - Explorer and trader - Son of Ola Lovisasson, said to have the tides of many seas in him.
Ragnar Jarasson (Age: 25) - Ulfhednar - Son of the claw, he is known as a good hunter, if rather moody. Has not returned from his last expedition he went on with his guardian Garryn Balliasson in almost a year.
Bran Lyansson (died 3 years ago at age 40) - the previous Skati, brother to Jarl Erik Eliason died on a battlefield, bleeding out in his daughter's (Skati Brunhild Myssadotter) arms.


Clan Aldrnari

Hillevi Torunnsdotter (Age: 32) - Skati of Clan Aldrnari - Daughter to the Jarl, she is ever a supporter of her mother and a powerful Seidr.
Bjanc Karlasson (Age: 21) - Svinfylking to Clan Aldrnari - Advisor and lover to Skati Hillevi Torunnsdotter, he is known as young and ambitious.
Anr Tygrassson (Age: 28) - Laeknir - Famous healer, who has set up a training school for those who wish to learn the healing arts.
Idunn Karasdotter (Deceased 20 years ago, age 30) - Ulfhednar - Famous Wolfskin, known for slaying an ogre in the wilds to the North.


Elsa Brynasdotter (Unknown) - Alliance bonded to Wylfings - Daughter of the Jarl at the time, she was alliance bonded to the Wylfings to end the conflict 50 years ago. Her whereabouts and life are unknown since that time. Once of Clan Vidir.


Jorgi Hannasson (Deceased 3 generations ago) - Skald - The old survivor who witnessed the brave stand of The Vaskyr Svinfylking, all stories of which are based on his account.
Forsyr Inanasson (Deceased 10 generations ago) - Son of the Skati - Son of Skati for Clan Skogr, and was alliance bonded with Clan Vidir with Aldyra Bjornasdotter, soon after which the alliance was broken by the infamous crafter, and Clan Aldrnari was founded.
Aldyra Bjornasdotter (Deceased 10 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Aldrnari - A celebrated Runesmith who slew Skati Kyrrn Lonasson rather than hand over her masterpiece, and was granted her own clan by the Jarl.
Kyrrn Lonasson (Deceased 11 generations ago) - Once Skati of Clan Vidir - Was covetous of Aldyra Bjornasdotter’s crafts, and was slain for his greed.
Elya Frigasdotter (Deceased around 12 generations ago) - Founder of the Ulfhednar - Was exchanged in an alliance bond with the Skogr, she was a great hunter or magical creatures.
Gyr Nidasson (Deceased around 12 generations ago) - Discoverer of the Skogr - Famous explorer, who travelled up Elivigar to discover the Skogr, and eventually joined them in an alliance bond.
Fangr Emblasson (Deceased around 14 generations ago) - Son of the founder of Clan Vidir, was one of the children to be sacrificed to the great serpent Hafgufur before his parents trapped and slew the monster.
Embla Akasdotter (Deceased around 15 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Vidir - Trapped and slew great seas serpent Hafgufur, to save son Fangr from being sacrificed. Was granted own clan in return for actions.
Vidir Akasson (Deceased around 17 generations ago) - Guardian of Clan Vidir - Was slain while trapping from great sea serpent Hafgufur, to prevent son Fangr Emblasson being sacrificed.
Inga Gerdasdotter (Deceased around 18 generations ago) - Founder of Clan Ingjald - Once the Jarl of the Skyldings, she returned to find her sister Erika having usurped her. After a bloody struggle, where she had to slay her Guardian Asger Brennasson.
Asger Brennasson (Deceased around 20 generations ago) - Guardian to Clan Ingjald - Guardian to the founder of Clan Ingjald, Inga Gerdasdotter, he famously slew a giant to rescue his daughter, and then was killed by that same daughter for slaying her sister.
Erika Gerdasdotter (Deceased around 20 Generations ago) - Jarl - Usurper of the seat from sister Inga, killed by Inga’s Guardian Asger Brennasson.
Myrra Skyldasdotter (Deceased around 25 generations ago) - Founder of Skyldingheim - Said to be of the seed of Bragi, she was a talented Godi who had prophetic dreams which lead her to the harbour of Hringr.
Skylda Runasdotter (Deceased over 25 generations ago) - Mother to Myrra Skyldasdotter - a great adventurer, who took the god Bragi as one of her lovers.