Norse Skalds tell many a tale of mystical creatures and other worlds, the truth behind most of the stories is unknown. However there are some creatures of magic which most adult Skyldings readily acknowledge.

All through lands, Sprites wander. They are malevolent or benevolent, and manifest or hidden. Seidr can either use their energy to power spells or bind them to their will.

Draugr are dead who rise once again when the proper funeral rites are not observed. They are known to be crazy and bloodthirsty, and often pursue and torment those who wronged them in life. They are dangerous and very hard to kill, which is why funeral rites are fastidiously followed to prevent them from rising.

Valkyrie are demigoddesses who guide the dead to their afterlife. They do not appear for everyone, but after great battles some people have seen these figures descend to guide the spirits of the fallen.

Vodr are guardian spirits that a Godi binds to a Skylding with the first naming ceremony.
It is said they watch over the spiritual welfare of Skyldings and protects against possession. Vodr can be damaged or lost, a connection that can only be repaired by a Godi.

A Revenant is a ghost of a Vordr that lingers after the death of their person, usually after improper burial. They tend to haunt the area where their person died, and can possess those who enter their territory. Godi are the only ones able to see and communicate with them as well as exorcise them from someone’s body they have possessed.

Disir are guardian spirits of whole clans and tribes, that watch over the spiritual welfare of whole groups of Norse and protect them from unknown magical adversaries.

Vaettir are nature spirits, that inhabit the wild places. They are invisible to all, except to those they choose to reveal themselves to. Godi are known to capture their essence to fuel rituals and potions.