Many mystical creatures have cross paths with the Skyldings who are travelling in Elivagar, here is what is known about them.


The gods who inhabit Asgard, worshipped by norse humans, most notably the Skyldings, as they are the chosen of the gods. The Aesir have gone into the great slumber, only to be woken when the time for Ragnarok comes.


Draugr are dead who rise once again when the proper funeral rites are not observed. They are known to be crazy and bloodthirsty, and often pursue and torment those who wronged them in life. They are dangerous and very hard to kill, which is why funeral rites are fastidiously followed to prevent them from rising.


Creatures of the spirit realm, they draw their victims into the dreams, where they are known to impersonate entities close to the victim. With aid of dream crystal they can enter the physical realm. They can be harmed by dream swords and be captured in dream catchers. When they do not wear the visage of loved ones, they are dressed in rags, with white swirls upon their faces.


Disir are guardian spirits of whole clans and tribes, that watch over the spiritual welfare of whole groups of Norse and protect them from unknown magical adversaries.
The disir of Skyldingheim was shattered and lost, only recently discovered to be possessing Aelfhun the seer. The disir bonded of the Skyldings now hold part of the disir inside them, but it has yet to be restored.
Disir take on the character of their community, but a creatures of spirit and have swirls of differing colours upon their skin.


Very little is known about the dwarves who inhabit Svartalfheim. Only one dwarf has ever been met by the Skyldings in their travels of the worlds, which is Frengrig. It is known that dwarves craft children, rather than give birth to them.


Elves are the inhabitants of Alfheim. They are identified by pointy ears and golden skin. They worship the god Freyr, and draw on power from that god. They are ruled by The Council of Ljosalfar, but it is clear that the word of the High Councillor Triandel is law. Their demonstrated abilities include cursing enemies to become fascinated with other objects or people, and having spell singers who sing great magical rituals.

The most notable elf that the Skydings have encountered is Triandel, who is responsible for the deaths of the Elivagar skyldings and the enslaving of the Valkyrie. Navarre, her brother, also wields power and serves his sister loyally, and controls a prison on Alfheim know as The House of Shadows.
Malendis was a scholar who worked for Triandel, but then turned on her at the battle on Vanaheim. It has now been revealed that Malendis was once a Skati in her own right, but her clan lost a civil war long ago. She is now Triandel and Navarre’s chained slave. There was also a third clan, led by an elf known as Gildor, but it was destroyed in the war.

The three elves, Triandel, Navarre and Malendis, share a past and seem to be immortal. The Skyldings suspect that they stole and ate apples from the goddess Idunn’s tree, but they do now know the full extent of what this means.


Humans who serve the elves. They are characterised by golden swirls on their skin. They are unswervingly faithful to their elvish masters, to the point of worship. They seem to make up a large part of the villages on Alfheim.


Ice giants who primarily inhabit Jotunnheim. Enemies of the Aesir. Most of them appear to also be in a great slumber, awaiting Ragnarok.


Human servants of the Ice giants, who draw on their power. Characterised by blue lines on their face. The Jotunnbound who inhabited Utgardr, which the Skyldings defeated, appeared to worship to the Jotunn Utgardr-Loki. They wore Horizontal blue lines across their cheeks.

There is a sub-type of the Jotunnbound of Utgardr known as the Grimmir who are elite warriors who possess formidable martial powers. They are characterised with more ice markings on their arms. They were led by Svell, who escaped from the raising of Utgardr, when the rest of the leaders were slain.

The Wylfings have also been revealed to now be Jotunnbound, they wear vertical lines on their faces. As the raising of Utgardr did not wipe them out, it is believed that their power is tied to a different Jotunn.


A race and family of shapeshifters, who recently were impersonating the Aesir gods on Asgard. Most were slaughtered by Hillievi Torunnsdotter, weilding Mjolnir, but a few escaped, after it was revealed they were not the true gods.

Mist wraiths

Beings made of mist, who hail from Niflheim. The mist wraiths were created by the Vanir as prison guards of Stytha Austrvegr Forath, the mist prison. Their role is catch any prisoners who escape and return them to the prison. They are seemingly immortal, but the Drifts of Loki possess rings that allow their wearers to harm them and control them.


A Revenant is a ghost of a Vordr that lingers after the death of their person, usually after improper burial. They tend to haunt the area where their person died, and can possess those who enter their territory. Godi are the only ones able to see and communicate with them as well as exorcise them from someone’s body they have possessed.


Sprites are elemental nature spirits. They are incorporeal, and are either fire, water, earth or air spirits, but this does not seem to make a difference to their abilities. They are malevolent or benevolent, and manifest or hidden. Seidr can either use their energy to power spells or bind them to their will.

The more powerful sprites are corporeal but have advanced abilities and cultures. The most is known about the Margygur.

Margygur - Merfolk who are know to be able to prophesy the future
Ith - earth beings
Njordling - air beings
Logia - fire beings

Surtr and Sutrbound

Surtr is the Jarl of the fire giants who live on Muspelheim. He appears to be a shadow of himself, possibly a result of his war with the Vanir long ago. The Sutrbound are human who serve him, who have willingly entered into his service. His objectives seem to be spreading chaos and conflict. Both recent Skati of Clan Vidir were found to be Sutrbound, along with others.

The four stags

The four stags are servants of the Vanir who were left to rule Vanaheim after the Aesir-Vanir war. They represent the seasons, and the four elements. Each in takes they turn to be the leader while during their season. They also reign over the elemental sprites: Dain, Summer/fire; Dvalinn, Autumn/air; Duneyrr, Winter/water; Durathror, Spring/earth. For a long time Durathror was locked in the mist prison on Niflheim, and Duneyrr ruled under the influence of the Jotunnbound, who wanted eternal winter to spread throughout the worlds. But balance was restored by the Skylding.

Durathror also presides over the wild hunt, which is contest that happens every spring. The reigning champion is Narla Hallastir, who received the blessing from the stags when they won.


Vaettir are nature spirits, that inhabit the wild places. They are invisible to all, except to those they choose to reveal themselves to. Godi are known to capture their essence to fuel rituals and potions.


Valkyrie are demigoddesses who guide the dead to their afterlife. They do not appear for everyone, but after great battles some people have seen these figures descend to guide the spirits of the fallen. They are known to be immune to the weapons of war, and have a penchant for falling in love with humans. The Valkyrie on Asgard are currently bound to Triandel the Elf’s will.


Ancient nature and fertility gods. They seem to have all but disappeared from their home on Vanaheim, after they lost the war against the Aesir, and alliance bonded Freyja, Freyr and Njordr to the Aesir pantheon. They built the prison Stytha Austrvegr Forath, to house monsters who upset the balance of the nine worlds.

Varg and Vargblooded

Part human, part animal, they were once servants of the Vanir, before being enslaved by the Jotunnbound. They are mostly peaceful, depending on their animal affinity, and tend to stick to their own kind out of preference. They have an ability to astral project themselves onto midgard in full animal form, and also provide great conduits for gods to possess.

When a Varg mates with a human, their child is known as a Vargblooded. They appear human, but once they come of age, at night they are transformed into a Varg, taking on their animal characteristics. Humans can inherit this trait through the female line, and there are a number of Skylding who carry the vargblood, and have so in secret for a long time.
The vargblooded who are known amongst the Elivagar Skyldings are Brunhilda Myssadotter, Eyvaldr Odasson, and Freyja and Freyr Eirsastir.


Vodr are guardian spirits that a Godi binds to a Skylding with the first naming ceremony, bound to the baby through Friggs eye.
It is said they watch over the spiritual welfare of Skyldings and protects against possession. Vodr can be damaged or lost, a connection that can only be repaired by a Godi. A Vodr can also be killed from a curse, in which case it can never be restored. This leaves a Skylding vulnerable to disease.