Magic is woven into the fabric of Skylding life, and those who practice it are known as Seidr. To be a Seidr is to work the primal forces of nature to your will, and channel the power of your ancestors. A Seidr's magic is quicker than that of the Godi and used for different things, such as bolstering their allies, cursing their enemies, and warding places or buildings. However, they work with Godi during burial rites.

Unlike Godi, Seidr do not live apart from society, they can bond and belong to a clan, and rise to positions of leadership. Seidrs have no group organisation, but rather work alongside others in the community.

The notable seidr’s amongst the Elivagar skyldings all claim heritage to the founders of the clans. The some of the most notable amongst them are Einarr Valdisson, Oda Ranylysdotter, Baelog Elsasson, Ida Astridsdotter, Idunnn Solveigsdotter, Eyvaldr Odasson, Stigandr Jordisson, Sibbe Isiastir.

Runesmiths are those that can channel magic into artefacts, usually weapons, by inscribing runes onto them. Most enchantments that they provide are single use, so Runesmiths are kept very busy in times of conflict or change. The most notable runesmith amongst the skyldings is Tallak Signeson, also a seidr, who is known as an experimenter and a font of knowledge when it comes to smithing.

Herbalist use Vaettir essence, and herbs to produce potions that also have magical affects. The most notable herbalist amongst the Skyldings is Sigrunn Gunhildedotter, also a seidr, who is known for her experimental potions that often have unexpected consequences, such as turning the body of the imbiber into a giant for a time.

More information will be found about specific magic for Seidr, Runesmiths, and Herbalist under the rules section.