All Skyldings are expected to serve their clan to the best of their abilities, and laws are build around when this does not happen.

Any interpersonal disputes are expected to be worked out with each other, or with the aid of a Godi. When an agreement cannot be met they bring it to their Skati to mediate. A Skati’s word is final, and both parties are expected to comply with their ruling. If the dispute is between members of different clans it is bought before the Jarl at a monthly meeting for a final ruling.

Murder is considered any act of initiating violence that results in death of a Skylding, without the sanction of the Jarl. Self defence against someone that attacks you is accepted, but must be declared to the first Skylding met, or, if the neighbours are sympathetic to the deceased, you may pass at most two boers (houses) without mentioning the deed, but never a third. It is known that the gods watch over murderers, and curse their souls to wander the earth eternally should they not disclose the deed.  The risk of Draugr resulting from unclaimed deaths also ensures most deaths are declared. The punishment for murder is generally execution, but some Jarls banish those found guilty instead.

Failing to ensure proper burial rites are performed is also a crime, though punished less harshly than murder. Usually, the guilty party is made to stay out all night for a week, with fear of Draugr making this a significant punishment. This crime includes failing to inform Godi and Seidr about a dead person.

Theft is the taking of any property belonging to another Skylding. If caught with stolen goods, the thief is punished. First offenses are generally punished with running a gauntlet, second by whipping, third loss of a hand, fourth loss of an eye, and fifth loss of a foot. It is rare that unsuccessful thieves continue in the trade for long.

Please Note: Sexual violence is not part of this game. For story purposes, consider it that the gods rip any mortal that does such a deed out of time and space, such that they never existed and the act never took place. For game purposes, roleplaying sexual violence is considered a significant breach of the code of ethics, and anyone involved this type of roleplay is to report to the GMs for further instruction.