It is known through all Norse lands that it is foolish to withhold hospitality to a traveller in need of shelter and food. Many tales of the gods talk of them visiting humans in mortal form, and therefore to disrespect a guest could be to disrespect a god. Likewise, any traveller could be disir bonded in their clan or town, and thus fortunate to those they visit.

It is customary to offer guests either food or a gift. In exchange the guests offer a story or song, or complete a task for the household (such as collecting firewood, hunting for food, or another favour that is asked of them by the host). Once this task is complete that person is treated as a temporary member of the clan until the sunset of the next day.

To betray this trust is highly dishonourable and suitable punishment is meted out by the Skati. In essence, if someone breaks this trust, it is a statement that they do not wish to be a member of the clan, and thus do not want to be protected by or responsible for its laws