Myrra Skyldasdotter, born from the seed of Bragi, is regarded as the Mother of Skyldingheim. Her mother, a great adventurer, returned to her village pregnant and filled with tales of gods and quests. When Myrra was born, Skylda wished to continue her adventures and asked her brother to take care of Myrra, bonding him to the child. When Myrra grew up she too had ‘strange tides in her blood’ as her mother did. She was a talented Godi and talked of having prophetic dreams, that there was a place where she was meant to be. She traveled to that place only to discover that others had found it first.

For many generations the Skyldings have been in conflict with their neighbours, the Wylfings. The rivalry runs blood deep, as the two towns have always competed for resources at home as well as notoriety abroad. Fifty years ago it came to a head when the Wylfings invaded Skyldingheim itself. The battle raged for months, them attacking Skyldingheim and Skyldings sending Svinfylking to infiltrate their town. A ceasefire was finally called and an alliance bond struck. Elsa Brynasdotter, daughter to the Jarl, was sent to the Wylfings and in exchange Varri Ionasson, Prince of their tribe, came to reside in Skyldingheim.

In the last twenty years the town has been plagued by a thick mist that comes down without warning and shrouds the town. By the time it lifts some folk from the town are gone. Over the years, it has taken over a hundred members of the town, from young children to the elderly, vanished without a trace. The Godi say that it is a blight from the god, Seidr say that powerful sorcerers must have cast a great curse,but no one knows for sure. Nobody has ever returned from being taken by the Mist.

Two years ago Jarl Erik Eliasson was taken by the Mist. He was five years into his reign and immensely popular due to a succession of lucrative, glorious vikings to the east. A Thing was held soon after.

Torunn Sivsdotter currently now sits in the Jarl's seat. She grew up in Clan Aldrnari, and is the first from that clan to rule as Jarl in living memory of Skyldingheim. Little is remarked on about her childhood except that she was a child who kept to herself but after coming of age as a Drift of Loki at 16 years old she embarked on a solo journey and did not return until her twentyfourth year with a daughter Hillevi in tow. Many Skalds speculate about what happened on this journey, but at all the wild stories Torunn smiles and says nothing to confirm or deny them.

Jarl Torunn is known to be a charismatic, discerning woman and is one of the most popular Jarls in recent decades winning a landslide vote at the Thing. Her few rivals whisper her assent to power is attributed to the powerful magic of her daughter. However, their voices are drowned in those of her fervent followers who believe that she will lead the Skyldings to glory. She expounds that the future of the Skyldings lies in travelling where no other Norse have been willing to go before, to the West. She has commissioned a new longship from Helga Snorasdotter that is meant to the fastest in Skylding history, and is set to embark this autumn.