The origins

Myrra Skyldasdotter, born from the seed of Bragi, is regarded as the Mother of Skyldingheim.

Her mother, Skylda Svataalisdotter, was a traveller, born out of time. It is now known that she was born in the present day, and travelled back into the past alongside her bloodbrother Wylf Arnvisson, in the boat called Mystrider. They were taken in by the gods, to live out the rest of their youngling years on Asgard.

Following a dispute over a shared lover in Bragi, the bard of Valhalla, Wylf left Asgard under a cloud of anger and bitterness. He founded his own clan, who called themselves the Wylfings, in the Harbour of Hringr which was named Wylfheim. Months later Skylda followed him, and gave birth to Myrra. She named Wylf guardian of her daughter but soon after both mother and babe were cast out of Wylfheim.

Instead Skylda sought out a village of humans on Alfheim, and found a second guradian and community to raise her child. When Myrra grew up she too had ‘strange tides in her blood’ as her mother did.

The Clash with the Wylfings

When Myrra came of age she dedicated her life to the gods and became a Godi to the goddess Frigg. It was said that she had prophetic dreams, that there was a place where she was meant to be, the place of her true guardian. When she set out for Midgard, the village who raised her followed.

When they sailed into the Harbour they were met with some resistance but then when Wylf recognised who was leading them, and he welcomed his long lost daughter in. Myrra and her clan, who started calling themselves the Skyldings settled in their new home, making uneasy friends with the Wylfings.

Myrra found she had a sister, Arnvi, who was her guardian’s heir. On midsummers day, an alliance bond between the Skyldings and the Wylfings was to be sworn. When the celebration was at its height, Arnvi finally made an appearance. She accused Brandr the bear, one of Myrra’s big supporters, of murder, and demanded that he be handed over to be executed. Brandr swore it wasn’t him and Myrra refused her sister. But unlike the Skyldings the Wylfings were prepared and primed by Arnvi - and at the refusal of handing over the murderer they struck quick and fast, slaughtering the entire host of Skyldings… all except Inga, best friend to Myrra and a godi of Hel. She was left because the wylfings didn’t want to have to bury these dead enemies.

As Myrra lay bleeding her hearts blood into Inga’s lap, Inga called on her goddess - and for the first time in Inga’s life her goddess came. Inga made a bargain with Hel - reject all these souls, let the Skyldings live again, and she would give her entire line of decendants to be Hel’s personal warriors in Hel. Each member of her line would never live to see adulthood. Hel took the bargain and the host of Skyldings awoke. Myrra breathed a breath again only to find her dearest friend dead at her feet. She vowed to raise Inga’s young daughter as her own - not knowing that she would not live too much longer until she served Hel alongside her Mother.

Myrra and the Skyldings withdrew to come up with a plan to take Wylfheim that they now considered their rightful place. Myrra went to the elves and made an alliance bond with Triandel of Clan Daga to precure a song - a powerful one to change the course of history and curse the Wylfings.

A great battle was fought, and the Skyldings won, but not without great bloodshed. Wylf died in his bed, without seeing his bloodsister Skylda one last time. Afterwards, Myrra could not forgive her sister Arnvi for what she had done, and so she banished her and her Wylfings from this place. Thus began the bitter hate between the two clans. Myrra renamed the place of her birth Skyldingheim.

For many generations the rivalry with the Wylfings continued. Fifty years ago it came to a head when the Wylfings invaded Skyldingheim itself. The battle raged for months, them attacking Skyldingheim and Skyldings sending Svinfylking to infiltrate their town. A ceasefire was finally called and an alliance bond struck. Elsa Brynasdotter, daughter to the Jarl, was sent to the Wylfings and in exchange Varri Ionasson, Prince of their tribe, came to reside in Skyldingheim.

The Mist

In the last twenty years the town has been plagued by a thick mist that comes down without warning and shrouds the town. By the time it lifts some folk from the town are gone. The Mist is now known to be the same that plagued the Skogr on Niflheim generations ago.
Over the years, it has taken over a hundred members of the town, from young children to the elderly, vanished without a trace, or at least that what it had seemed. It is now known that those missing people were deposited on other worlds.
The Mist originates on Niflheim at a great prison that was built by the Vanir to house monsters who upset the balance of the nine worlds. The mist is designed to keep those magical prisoners in the prison, should they try to escape.
Twenty years ago the elves, led by Navarre, tried to break into the prison. This damaged the original purpose of the mists, and they started to seep out of niflheim and into the other nine realms, picking up anyone with magic and depositing them to other places across the known worlds.

Recent leadership

Four years ago Jarl Erik Eliasson was taken by the Mist. He was five years into his reign and immensely popular due to a succession of lucrative, glorious vikings to the east. A Thing was held soon after, and Torunn Sivsdotter was chosen to take his place. Erik was rescued from being held captive by the Wylfings on Jotunnheim. He is a shell of the vili he once was, and has SLAVE scarred across his forehead.

Torunn grew up in Clan Aldrnari, and is the first from that clan to rule as Jarl in living memory of Skyldingheim. Little is remarked on about her childhood except that she was a child who kept to herself but after coming of age as a Drift of Loki at 16 years old she embarked on a solo journey and did not return until her twentyfourth year with a daughter Hillevi in tow. It is now known that the Skylding who returned was not the same who left, but Tallulah the Margygur who had stolen Torunn’s visage.

Tallulah was from a different time. She was a Margygur, merfolk, who served the Vanir when they still walked the nine worlds. One day she was sent after the fire giant, Surtr, who was opposing everything that the Vanir stood for. She chased him around the nine realms, and as she chased him she grew to love him. Eventually she joined his side against the Vanir. When they were defeated, her and her daughter were thrown into the prison on Niflheim. And there they stayed for many generations, until the prison walls were weakened by the elves.

As they were escaping, they came across Torunn and her young daughter Hillievi. Tallulah subdued the humans, and reflected their faces for her and her daughter. But Torunn tapped into the magic of Frigg’s eye, and compelled the margygur to deliver her daughter home to skyldingheim. She did this, but soon tried to get rid of the real Hillievi - who was instead hidden in Clan Vidir until the reckoning happened many years later.

Jarl Torunn, or Tallulah, was known to be a charismatic, discerning woman and is one of the most popular Jarls in recent decades winning a landslide vote at the Thing. Her few rivals whisper her assent to power is attributed to the powerful magic of her daughter. However, their voices were drowned in those of her fervent followers who believed that she would lead the Skyldings to glory. She expounded that the future of the Skyldings lies in travelling where no other Norse have been willing to go before, to the West. She commissioned a new longship from Helga Snorasdotter that is meant to be the fastest in Skylding history, and was set to embark on the autumn viking. But that was not to be.

The last stand of Skyldingheim

For the years she had been gone, Elsa Brynasdotter was nuturing a bitter hatred for being given away by her family. She became union bonded to Hakon, who became the Jarl of the Wylfings, and was mother to Geir Elsasson who took his guardian’s place when the former died. Elsa became responsible for bringing the power of the Jotunn magic to the wylfings. This power enabled the Wylfings to make a decisive strike on Skyldingheim, burning their boats and mounting an attack on the celebratory feast which was meant to be the night before the viking set sail.

In the stand against the Wylfings, Tallulah, known as Jarl Torunn at the time, fell while working a bog magic to protect the Skyldings. As she fell she was transformed into an egg, hinting at her true nature. This sacrifice allowed some of the Skyldings to make their escape into Elivigar, which transformed itself into a ship again and whisked those inside away through the mists.

Olga Solveigsdotter, heir to Clan Myrr, was one who was left behind. The Mist had tried to grab hold of her for a second but when it cleared the longhouse and most of the heroes of Skyldingheim were gone. She strode out onto the field and confronted Elsa directly, working a great piece of ancient magic she stopped the slaughter of her people. She pronouced that in exchange for surrender and service that as long as a Skylding was within the bounds of their land that no Wylfing could harm them. This has been enforced, and Olga was unanimously voted the Jarl of Skyldingheim by those who had been left behind. She appears to cooperate with Elsa and the Wylfings, but says this is for the good of her people. She keeps her bearskin Jordis Sigthrudoorsdotter and her adviser Varri Ionasson close, and the three appear to have more free reign than the rest of the Skyldings.

The Skyldings who were inside Elivagar landed on Alfheim. Later that day they elected Niklas Tainasson as the new Jarl, though he had only been Skati of Clan Ingjald for mere hours. He has led the Skyldings of Elivagar ever since.