Children are under the care of their mother and guardian. The mother’s siblings also take an active role in day-to-day child-raising tasks. Clan Elders take a role in teaching children. Between the ages of ten and eleven, the child is introduced to a number of Godi, and over the next few years they are mentored by them.

When a child reaches their sixteenth year, they enter into the Coming of Age ceremony held every spring. By this stage, the child, their kin, and a Godi have usually come to an agreement about the child’s spiritual path. The ceremony involves, but is not limited to, a trial, receiving the start of their tattoo, and taking their matronymic based on the gender they identify with. The ceremony finishes with a massive feast. After this point, they are considered Younglings.

When a Youngling reaches their twenty-fifth year, they enter into the Coming of Age ceremony again. This time, they set off alone in the woods, will also have a task specific to their chosen spiritual path, and if they return their tattoo is expanded. After this point, they are considered Adults.

A final coming of age ceremony is held for parents (mothers and guardians) of children that complete the Adulthood ceremony. After this final ceremony, they are considered Elders