People can enter into a Bond, where they acknowledge each other as kin. There are several types. A bonding ceremony is always conducted with a Godi present.

Kinship bonds are a bonding with the mother, a male guardian she has chosen for the child, and siblings of new-born, usually held within a week of birth. Omnispirit Skyldings can be guardians, female (feminine or omnispirit) Skyldings can be mothers, and all Skyldings can be siblings.

Blood Bonds are performed by comrades-in-arms, each taking responsibility for any obligations of the other in the event of death. Those who are united by a blood bond are considered siblings, akin to kinship bonds. Omnispirit Skyldings who enter a Disir Bond forgo the ability to enter into these bonds, and must break all past Blood Bonds.

Alliance bonds happen between Clans within or outside of the Town as they build political ties to each other, usually with one member from each Clan bonding to the other Clan. The process of alliance bonding is that the two members performing the bond exchange places and move to live with the opposite clan. These people are now considered to be of that new clan, while still maintaining their kinship and union bonds to those of their original clan. This is to foster closer relations between the bonds and while both those members live the two clans are considered allies. When two clans are allied, they offer a portion of their spoils in vikings to the other clan, in good faith that the other clan will do the same. An alliance may also be struck with further conditions, but all alliance bonds include an exchange of goods.

Union bonds are bondings between people as an agreement to mutual aid and support, often involving living together and helping each other with their duties. It is usually expected there is a relationship of a romantic/intimate nature involved, but not always. People who have been union bonded are expected to live in the same house, and act as a single economic unit. Union bonds are not restricted by gender e.g. two Ve Skyldings can be union bonded. Omnispirit Skyldings who enter a Disir Bond forgo the ability to enter into these bonds, and must break all past Union Bonds.

Disir Bonds are bonds between omnispirit Skyldings and the Disir of the town, and through the Disir creating a link with Odin. This bond is the link which allows the spirit of Odin to flow into humanity, and as such the choice to take up this bond is a significant one. Omnispirit Skyldings that choose this bond renounce all former bonds and cannot take up future Alliance, Blood, or Union bonds.

Breaking a Bond is a serious deal. Where they are Kinship bond, the split is usually dramatic and after a major interpersonal crisis, and spiritual guides are needed to perform rituals and provide help to ensure the welfare of all involved.

When Alliance bonds are broken, the new member of the family (and therefore clan) is cast out. They might be able to bond back to their old clan, but sometimes they cannot, usually when the breaking of the Alliance involves a large political backlash. In this case, they become Clan-less, and are essentially banished from the town.

Unions and Blood Bonds can be broken if the relationship falls apart, and is usually resolved between those involved. In the event that that one party does not agree, the leaving party has the right to enforce the break. The Clan's Skati must be informed of the situation, after which point should the person refusing to accept the break initiate conversation with the leaver, or meet with the leaver when they are alone, then this is considered an initiation of violence, and the leaver is entitled to retaliate in any way they deem fit without violating the laws of the town, or to bring a grievance to the Skati.

Breaking a Disir bond is akin to renouncing your clan and choosing to leave behind your home. Disir are mighty entities and their response to severing a bond with them can be varied and at times terrible.

A bonded family are those who live together and are tied by union and kinships bonds. Sometimes Blood Bonded Skyldings also live within a wider bonded family, or take up a role within the bonded family of their deceased Blood Bonder. 

No bonds include any provision for sexual exclusivity, due to the expectation that a female would seek multiple partners when wishing to conceive a child, and the frequent use of sex as a social pleasure throughout Skylding society. Sex is usually politely initiated by Ve, younger, or omnispirit Skyldings, in that order, and any youngling, adult, or elder who is approached has a right to politely accept or decline. 

If you wish to act out an IC kiss, stand close (as per personal comfort level) and link little fingers. If you wish to engage sexual activity, sit facing each other and play a hand-and-knee-clapping game between those involved.

Please Note: Sexual violence is not part of this game. For story purposes, consider it that the gods rip any mortal that does such a deed out of time and space, such that they never existed and the act never took place. For game purposes, roleplaying sexual violence is considered a significant breach of the code of ethics, and anyone involved this type of roleplay is to report to the GMs for further instruction.

Also: Prostitution is not something that happens in Skylding society, and is not a theme that we are including in our game.