You can now download a printable copy of our setting. [PDF, 630 KB]

Saga Larp Campaign is based around a group of Skyldings, who were whisked away in their largest longhouse, when their home, the port town of Skyldingheim, was attacked by an ancient rival, known as the Wylfings.

Skyldingheim was built on the six great hills that surround the Harbour of Hringr. The Skyldings are fierce, proud and honourable Norse, with the reputation for being excellent sailors, crafters, merchants, warriors, storytellers, healers, hunters, mystics, and wanderers, in all things respecting the gods and the traditions of their ancestors.

The story of Saga will feature a great journey across the nine norse realms, beyond the lands they know which will test their strength of body, will, and spirit in a quest to find their way home.


A Note on Setting

There are many books and resources out there, fictional and non fictional, that explore about Norse culture. This is a setting inspired by the bits that we love about Norse culture. There are some things that we have written from scratch, others that we have taken from known mythology and made our own. Our intention is to create a rich world which we tell a collective story which is not historically accurate but rather coolthentic. We would encourage our players to read other sources for inspiration if they wish to, but to keep in mind that it will need to fit the culture that we have written here.