All returning players need to update their character sheet with what happened at the previous games.  This is the main way that we are informed of what has gone on previously and it is vitally important to our planning for next game.

Please make sure you update all of the relevant questions in the first part of the character sheet, including any new bonds and how you feel about the Skati/Jarl. Please also update in the backstory section of your character sheet everything your character got up to/was involved in, and what your characters main goals are going into the next game.

We have added a section to each character sheet around Permanent VP and items discovered, please update this with any items that you have in your possession, or if your VP has been affected. If you have acquired any other abilities/were part of any new rituals during the game get in touch in case there is a new facet to add to your sheet.

If you are wanting to add any facets to your character you may do so, as long as it’s within the restrictions set out in the rules. If you have any questions about what is allowed please get in touch.

Regarding downtime:

While travelling through the mists, time is experienced differently for everyone. For some it could be days, others swear that weeks, even a month or two has gone by. There is no access to the outside world, only swirling mists. If you wish to roleplay amongst yourselves that is fine, but please keep any major decisions/revelations to the game itself. At the beginning of the next game we will inform you of how many resources have been used up in the journey.

We look forward to continuing your character's story next game.