This is the website for Saga Live Action Roleplaying Game, a Fantasy LARP inspired by Norse culture, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our next event is Saga 5, a weekend game running 3-5 April 2020 at Kiwanis Huia Camp. Details to be released soon. 

For the latest updates check out What's new with Saga larp.

Saga started in the port town of Skyldingheim. The Skyldings are fierce, proud and honourable Norse, with the reputation for being excellent sailors, crafters, merchants, warriors, storytellers, healers, hunters, mystics, and wanderers, in all things respecting the gods and the traditions of their ancestors. The story of Saga features a great journey travelling the nine norse worlds which will test the Skyldings strength of body, will, and spirit on their quest to find their way home. 

If you wish you can join our facebook group (external link)  which is a great way to stay informed of any updates, and connect with other saga participants.

Saga Larp NZ is a project of NZLARPS. (external link)