Email contact and character deadline

The deadline for character sheets is Friday the 15th of December. Up until this date, GM's will try to respond to emails as soon as possible, at most within a 24 hour period.


Check out our new FAQ, you first port of call for any questions.

Slaves and hospitality

Clarification added to the Viking section on how slaves become part of Skyldingheim, see changes here.

Addition of the possibility of a traveller having a disir bond added to the reasons for Norse hospitality.

Gender and family

We have updated several sections. Changes include:

- Consolidating terminology around gender and biological sex to be setting-specific

- Phrasing gender expression in positive terms

- Expanding on gender expression options for Vili

- Adding more detail to the gender of omnispirit

- Detailing the roles and responsibilities of mothers and guardians

- Clarifying the ancestral origin of gender

- Explaining the role of Godi in gender (given their ancestral origin)

Check out the changes in Gender, How gender was created, and Birth and Family.

Map of facets

Have compiled a handy one page guide to how the facets interact with each other, check it out here.

Rules update

We have done some editing to the rules, mostly tidying up typos. The changes to note are:

Page 5: added a specific ban on grappling.

Page 11-12: changed name of Hrutar facet to Ramskin

Page 14: Changed typo of AP to HP

Page 18: Curse: Hated one clarified

New rules document can be found here.