We are pleased to announce the date for the first game is 16-18 February 2018 at Piha Mill Camp, Piha, Auckland.

Tickets on sale now (external link)

If you are an NZLARPS Member and buying a player ticket please use the promo code nzlarpsmember

It is the eve before the great autumn viking. Jarl Torunn Sivsdotterā€™s new longship is finally ready to set sail on the dawn tide, this time travelling West into the unknown. Jarl Torunn has gathered those who are joining her, and their well wishers and loved ones who stay behind, to a final feast before the great journey. It will be a night of excitement, bittersweet farewells, and community, before the great unknown. For who knows what lies to the West beyond the endless sea?

We invite you to join us in the first chapter of the forgotten story of the Skyldings, in Saga: Uncharted Waters.

Illness: If you are unable to attend due to illness, your game fee will be put forward to a future event.
Other Reasons: If you withdraw from the game after January 21st (one month before the game), we will process your refund request after we have run the event and seen what our finances come out at. We will refund a portion of your fees at our discretion.
Transferal: Player tickets are transferable conditional on Game Master approval. Crew tickets are transferable but the Game Masters must be informed so we have an accurate record of who is attending.
Participation Refusal: If the Saga GM team decides to refuse your participation (see below), your ticket costs will be refunded in full.


Piha Mill Camp has a zero alcohol policy, so no alcohol will be allowed at this event.

Saga is a hobby event run by a Game Master team that is volunteering their time. We strive to be inclusive, however, we want to stress that no one has an automatic right to attend our events. The Saga GM team reserves the right to refuse your participation in this event for any reason including but not limited to:

- Behaviour at other events (including online) that contravenes the NZLARPS Code of Conduct, and/or causes other Saga participants unease, discomfort, or alarm.

- Behaviour at other events (including online) that lead the GM team to believe that participant will not behave in line with Saga community and artistic values, including negative game play style, bullying or trolling, unsafe combat or role playing practices, or any other behaviour we deem detrimental to the project.

- Lack of communication with the GM team.

- If the GM team and participant cannot reach a compromise on creative differences.

- Annoying the GM team so much that we don't want to spend any more time on you (we're volunteers, after all).

- Bringing the game or larp community into disrepute.