Character creation will be opened up upon release of the full rule set.

Before that happens here are some guidelines for starting the character creation process:

- All player characters will come from one of the five clans of the town Skyldingheim. We would encourage you to create close connections with other player characters yourself, and the GM team will also be facilitating connections between characters.

- There are a number of non player characters (NPC's) named in the setting, you are welcome to make connections with these NPCs either as a family member, comrade, ancestor etc.

- A characters coming of age ceremony is a significant event in their life. Your tattoo path is a significant choice for your character. We would also encourage players to collectively create characters of similar age who can have gone through this ceremony together.

- All player characters will be starting the game by venturing on a viking west into unknown territory. Please make sure your character has good reasons for leaving on this viking mission, and consider what and who they are leaving behind.

- The detail covered in our setting document are the parts of Norse culture that we are focusing on, so when thinking about what your character does to contribute to society we would encourage you to engage in one or more of these areas: combat, religion (channeling the power of the gods), magic (channeling the power of the ancestors and sprites), storytelling, healing, politics, exploration, theft, and trade.

- The Mist is a big issue in recent Skyldingheim. Consider whom your character has lost to the Mist and how this has impacted your character's life.

Some leading questions which will be included on the character sheet:

- Considering the political climate of your chosen clan, how do you feel about the current Skati? How do you feel about the current Jarl?

- What ideals/values does your character hold dearest? Which of their needs were fulfilled when they were the happiest, and which were challenged when they were the saddest? For what cause would they betray these values?

- Which people are important to your character's life (both other player characters and non player characters)?

Feel free to email any questions about character concepts through to the GMs prior to character creation.